About La Petite Roots

La petite Roots, International Preschool was found in August 2015 with all good amenities and not only well qualified along with Montessori and kindergarten trained teaching staff members, they are also kind hearted, lovable, and dedicated. We also have sincere and lovable helpers and a cook.

Our unique preschool curriculum ensures holistic development of every child based on development goals.

Academic knowledge alone will not be sufficient in current competitive circumstances hence, the school encourages the children to participate in extracurricular activities as “after school activities” such as classical and western dance, key board, guitar and vocal, karate, yoga and silambam, Hindi and hand writing.

We are reached at less than half a kilometer from Vijaya Nagar bus stand.

Our Motto

“Roots to whizzkid” (a kid who is very intelligent or very successful) Kids to become an intelligent and very successful in their life.

Our Mission & Vision

La Petite Roots actively teaches the goals, good attitude and the aspirations of each individual child. La Petite Roots has supportive learning environment that provides every kids with every opportunity to achieve their potential.

Our preschool is a place where children are taught basic manners, etiquettes, things like alphabet, numbers, and language terms etc. without books. The method of teaching in our preschool is more fun and less formality.


  • To evolve students intelligence
  • To bring innovative products in early child care
  • To inculcate love and goodness of life
  • To ensure holistic development of every child
  • To witness radical changes in education
  • To lead them to the path of success
  • To cultivate optimism
  • To be aware of the circumstances


  • Medical Assistance in case of Emergency
  • Hygienic and child-friendly environment
  • Air conditioned Environment
  • Pleasant Indoors
  • Safe outdoor play ground
  • Shuttle service from door steps of the school
  • Clean and clear dine area
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Ample water facility
  • Library for kids
  • 24 hrs UPS Backup Facility
  • 24 hrs CCTV Surveillance